Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loving our little smiley man...

Drew is just all smiles these days...

So sweet...

Trying out his first "real" food- sweet potatoes!

Drew loves his Mortimer the Moose.

Birthday dinner with our great friends- the Wilsons!

Drew and the birthday boy!

Hanging out with my Mom at the Broadmoor.

Fun time with Grandma at the park.

Look Daddy- I'm flying!

Not sure what to think of the slide...

I love my Grandma!

Higher Daddy, higher!

Drew loves playing the EVERYTHING in the kitchen.

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa...

Silly man in his new favorite toy!

Yummy barley cereal...

Look, I'm such a big boy in my high chair!

So proud of himself in the Bumbo seat.

Our dinner table center piece.

Drew and Mommy.

Just the three of us.

Drew and Daddy...

Drew loves his daddy. The minute Greg comes home from work, he starts laughing and can't wait to spend some time flying through the air.

Hi there!
Drew is an absolute blast these days! He is constantly moving, and wants to be mobile so badly. He'll roll onto his tummy, push up to all fours, and get so frustrated that he can't figure out how to go anywhere... I don't think it'll be long!
He loves smiling at people right now, and the best sound in the whole world is his laugh.
He's sleeping great- usually about 9-10 hours a night, and then he'll wake up and eat and sleep for another two or so... That makes Mommy VERY happy!
He has been coming to practice with me, and does really well while I coach the dance team. I think there is so much activity to look at that it is entertaining enough for now.
He has tried rice cereal, oat cereal, barley cereal, sweet potatoes, peas, and we just tried carrots. He just loves food, so it's going well. =+)
We just love him so much.

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